Energetic Narcoleptic (Annabelle Hutt)

Energetic Narcoleptic (Annabelle Hutt)

135 pages of nutrition, workouts and an inspirational story of Belle Hutt who lives with a life long sleep condition; Narcolepsy. #EnergeticNarcoleptic is designed to help not only those with Narcolepsy (1 in 2,000 people, that’s approximately 3 million people worldwide) it is also designed for those without Narcolepsy, as we have all complained about being tired at some point in our life. This book is the solution to turn those ‘meh’ days into extremely productive ones. I share my story, my knowledge and my recipes throughout the 135 pages. This book contains 30 short workouts that can be done in the comfort of your own home, at the gym or in the park. The workouts range from sleepy-day-workouts to electrifying circuits to challenge even the fittest of the fittest. The workouts require little to no equipment and if you are not quite sure how to perform the exercise, fear not, every workout has a QR code you simply scan with the camera of your smartphone or tap and hold for ebook readers and it will take you directly to an exclusive YouTube video of that specific workout.The beauty of this book is that you can open it up on any page and there will be something for you whether it’s an inspirational quote, an energising on-the-go breakfast recipe or a ‘pick me up’ workout, it will lighten your day, energise your mood and awaken your soul.

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