The House of Sleep (Jonathan Coe)

The House of Sleep (Jonathan Coe)

Like a surreal and highly caffeinated version of The Big Chill, Jonathan Coe’s novel follows four students who knew each other in college in the eighties. Sarah is a narcoleptic who has dreams so vivid she mistakes them for real events. Robert has his life changed forever by the misunderstandings that arise from her condition. Terry spends his wakeful nights fueling his obsession with movies. And an increasingly unstable doctor, Gregory, sees sleep as a life-shortening disease which he must eradicate.

But after ten years of fretful slumber and dreams gone bad, the four reunite in their college town to confront their disorders. In a Gothic cliffside manor being used as a clinic for sleep disorders, they discover that neither love, nor lunacy, nor obsession ever rests.

Beschikbaar op voor €10,09 (of als Ebook voor €8,99)

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